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Meet Romeo, a 5 year old Friesian Percheron crossbred gelding. He is quite possibly one of the best moving and well built of this cross I have seen! Have you ever watched a horse with such beautiful movement you could never get tired of watching them and you can just appreciate the natural beauty, flash, self carriage, and cadence. Romeo is that guy! His extremely fluid, soft, and balanced way of going will have you (and any judge) impressed! I've rode a lot of horses and I have a back injury so I can completely appreciate how easily you can sit his trot.

Romeo is very uncomplicated and straight forward type of horse that is extremely intelligent. Every thing I introduce to him he takes it easily in stride and learns and progresses so quickly.

He drives super well in a pair or single. He rides and drives down the road, in the arena, through the field, or on the trails with no problems. He has the type of movement, work ethic, and trainability that all set him up to excel in dressage.
Romeo is an absolute gentleman to be around in the barn. He does prefer and best with a gentle, kind hand. He is always willing to work and learn and wants to be your buddy. He has absolutely no kick, buck, bite, bolt, or rear. Zero bad habits or vices.

If you are looking for an incredible partner that likes to connect with his person and is willing to follow along with whatever you want to do whether its showing, trail riding, going for a swim, or a drive to town he is absolutely able and up for any of it. 100% sound and sane with no special maintenance required.

River & Rocket_July2023.jpeg

River & Rocket

Meet the Dream Team, River & Rocket!

In all my years with horses this is the most difficult ad to write, simply because these two are so unique and special in so many ways I don't know where to start and where to stop in describing their endless talent and potential.

River (4 year old) and Rocket (5 year old) Friesian Hackney cross geldings both standing 13.3 hands that you could swear were born twins! These two drive together unlike any pair of horses or ponies I've ever driven! What makes them the most amazing is the fact you can put them in the hands of a novice and they will be complete gentleman but then the next day you could take them to a competition and be competitive at the highest level. They can drive either side and they seem to almost have an internal sense of communication with each other and work flawlessly as a team.

After all that you can throw a saddle on them and go ride (English, western, or bareback) down the trails or in the arena. And if that isn't enough you can hook them up and drive them through town, even through the drive thru to get yourself some ice cream or coffee.

They are both 100% sane, sound, and healthy in every way. Both easy keepers with no special maintenance.

Whether you have been on the lookout or have ever thought about finding a pair of ponies, they will not disappoint you. This is really a unique pair that one could search a long time to find or put together a pair like this!

Price here is for both as a pair, I would really prefer to keep them together as a team but if you have serious interest in one or the other, please call to discuss.

Flint_August 2023_2.jpg


Meet Flint, a 13.2 hand welsh cross pony. He is built exceptionally well and is a suitable and strong enough for any average sized adult or child!

Flint is broke to ride (english, western, or bareback) and drive single or in a pair. He does not require to be ridden every day or consistently trained on. You can ride him once a month or every day and he's always the same fun to ride pony.


He is a very willing jumper and will jump about anything you point him at! He previously was an Amish kids pony and took them back and forth to school each day, so he is also traffic safe to go up and down the road.

Flint is such a nice pony to have around the barn. If you want an equine partner to just spend a simple relaxing day at the barn with he checks that box. Super uncomplicated to ride. Take him for a relaxing trail ride or work on your skills in the arena. He is 100% sound and sane in every way with no special maintenance or training needed. A quiet, nice pony to be around in the barn, in the saddle, or in the carriage. Stands quietly and patiently tied up for grooming, bathing, and tacking. Just a good bay in every way every day!

Sailor_August 2023.jpg


Meet Sailor, a super sweet, super fun 14.1 registered Quarter Horse Gelding. Sailor is royally bred and ready to be your next successful all around show horse or trail partner. Sired by Guapo Cat; a son of Metallic Cat and out of an own daughter of NRHA futurity champion, Chic Please. He has the looks and talent to be successful in whatever you want to do!

My 12 year old nephew has been riding Sailor the past 6 months and having a blast with him. Riding all over the farm, down the road, to town, and even moving cattle. Whether you want to go to the ranch horse shows and be competitive in everything all day long, show off at a dressage show, or just have a super fun horse to hit the trails with, he's suitable and ready for all that!

Sailor is a super straight forward horse to ride and super friendly to be around. Always walks up to greet you and is willing to go wherever anytime. He rides just as good english as he does western and he also loves to jump!

Super well mannered and polite in the barn. No vices and No special maintenance required. Just a super awesome, special sweet guy with a puppy dog personality.

Ariel August 2023_2.jpg


Ariel is a 3 year old mare sired by KPWN stallion, Kendro. Kendro competed in 2022 in the Combined Driving Single Horse World Championships in France. He has also been successfully competing in ridden dressage this summer.

Ariel is incredibly talented and has the kind of brain that I would like every horse to have. Her mild temperament comes from her dam who was a kind hearted welsh pony the kids could ride once a year or every day and she was always the same easy to work with pony.

Ariel has had about 4 months of training (2 months of driving and 2 months of riding). She competed in her first show at the Midwest Carriage Festival pleasure driving show and she was Reserve Champion in a very competitive class. This show was her first time off the farm and she took it all in stride well. Everything I've introduced her to she's approached like a much older mature horse. About everything I do with her its hard to believe she is 3. She stands quietly in the crossties to tack, groom, and bath. Walks out nicely under saddle or in the carriage. Walks, Trots, Canters easily under saddle or in the carriage. Absolutely no buck, bolt, or funny business. Due to the amount and level of her training and being 3 I would still consider her green.

Ariel could honestly go in any direction and be very successful. Her sire Kendro has done it all including; pleasure driving, combined driving, ridden dressage, and cross country jumping. And Ariel has the talent and trainability to follow in his footsteps. Ariel has also been on several trail rides and is fantastic down the trail.

I can't think of a single negative thing I could say about her in terms of temperament or trainability. If you're looking for a youngster that already has a great foundation to build a career on, she's definitely one that could fill that need. She's very much a sweet heart with an incredible work ethic.

Cookie_August 2023.jpg


Cookie is a sweet, friendly Dutch Harness Horse/Hackney cross filly. She is conformationally correct and has the most beautiful movement. She has great potential to a be a very competitive english, dressage, or driving horse some day! She is broke to lead, stand tied, and easy to catch.

Cookie has been weaned, is healthy, and up to date on all age appropriate health care. She is ready and looking for her new wonderful home

Poppy_August 2023.jpg


Poppy is the sweetest, most easy to train foal I have ever been around! She is easy to catch, halter, lead, and work with. She is so friendly, she will walk up to you in the biggest pasture and let you catch her or fly spray her or just love on her. She loves being groomed, bathed, and especially getting kisses!

Poppy is a great mover and showing great athletic ability as well. With her natural talent, trainability, correct confirmation, and quiet disposition she has the potential to excel in any event or direction you would like to take her in her future; dressage, english riding, western riding, ranch horse, driving, or broodmare.

We had Poppy's genetic color panel done through UC Davis and she is ee N/Z (chestnut and carries the silver gene) so she will make a wonderful addition to anyone's breeding operation.

She is weaned, healthy, and up to date on all age appropriate deworming and health care. Ready for her new loving home

Chip_August 2023.jpg


Description coming soon.

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