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Roman_Nov 2023.jpg


Meet Roman, a stunning liver chestnut Friesian Morgan crossbred gelding that’s fun for the whole family!

He is trained to drive single and in a pair. You can drive him in any atmosphere or any situation and he is not phased by anything. He is truly beginner safe to drive whether you want to go down the road, through town, on a trail, or drive a dressage test.

Roman rides English, western, bareback, and double. We have used him for all levels of riding lessons in and out of the arena. He has safely packed around several different youth students at all types of shows including western, ranch horse, hunter unter saddle, and jumping. He’s a no non-sense kind of horse. You can literally throw anyone on him (to ride or drive) and know they are safe.
Even though he is as kid proof and safe as you could ask for he still has the endurance and talent to be very successful in combined driving or dressage. He is very honest to the jump and would make a great eventing or fox hunting horse.

Roman is a joy to work with in the saddle, carriage, or on the ground. He stands quietly no matter where you tie him, great with his feet for the farrier, polite in his stall, and will happily stand to be groomed or bathed. Easy to load, unload, and haul.

If you have been looking for the type of horse you can ride once a day, once a month, or once a year and always have the same safe enjoyable ride (or drive) with no funny business, he is truly the unicorn everyone dreams of.

Spartan_Dec 2023.jpg


Meet Spartan, the sweetest 3 year old Friesian cross you could ever meet!

First off, he is priced for a very very special reduced price because of some findings in his one hock X-rays. He has an odd growth on the one part of his bone in his hock. The vets words were he could easily stay sound his whole life however it is there and I'm being upfront about it. He is currently 100% sound and has not ever taken a lame step.

Now we can talk about how amazing he is! In 15 years of training I have never had a 3 year old that is in every way as sweet, easy going, and quiet to ride or drive as Spartan. He has the potential to go easily up the levels in dressage as far as you want to take him. As you can see in his video he already rides well beyond his years. In the video was his first time being ridden bareback and he he took it all in stride and rode off like a real champ.

Spartan has absolutely no vices in any way. He can live in a stall or turned out with other horses. He is friendly and easy to catch. Nothing seems to bother him. He is literally the definition of what we all dream of in terms of a brain and trainability for a young horse.

If you are looking for a very nice all around horse or a super nice dressage horse on a budget, I promise you won't be disappointed with him.

Please no tire kickers, I have priced him to sell with full transparency for an uncomplicated sale to someone that wants a stellar horse for a bargain price to go in any direction!

Cotton Ball_Dec 2023.jpg

Cotton Ball

Cotton Ball is the absolute cutest, sweetest, most unique cremello stud colt you will ever find. He has been color tested by UC Davis and is ee aa CrCr with gray gene absent! Will not produce a red foal!

He is easy to handle with all age appropriate training including broke to lead, tie, pick up his feet, and load/unload in a trailer with or without a ramp. He also LOVES to be bathed and groomed!

He has absolutely beautiful movement and the potential to be a top competitor in any show ring or discipline! He is easy to handle and be around and has a great disposition to be your next stallion prospect. Healthy and up to date on all age appropriate vet and farrier care. Registration application submitted and full name pending.

Cotton Ball
Red-Dec 2023.jpg


Red is a super fancy moving registered Dutch harness horse colt with lots of handling. He is broke to lead, tie, load/unload in any type of trailer, and stands great for the farrier. An absolute stunning mover with the potential to be your next top level dressage or competitive driving horse. Super easy to catch, lead, and lunges well. Up to date on all age appropriate farrier and vet care.

Registration application submitted and full name pending.

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