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Meet Alex, an 8 year old 16.1 hand Dutch Harness/Standarbred cross gelding that is wonderfully broke in every way!

Alex has spent most of his life being the trusted Amish family horse to take care of the wife and kids getting to town, going to church, and riding aroudn the neighborhood. He is as quiet as the come! He has the qualities to be trusted with absolutely anyone around him, including grandma or the grandkids! He is quite possibly the quietest Dutch horse we have ever had in our barn.

The video shows Alex's second time ever being ridden in dressage tack and his first time ever cantering in english tack! And if we didn't tell you that you would never know because whatever you do with him he is so quiet and willing about it. Though he is green in arena work, he adapts to anything quickly and is very trainable. He has a beautiful, floaty, ground covering trot. He has the natural talent and elegance in his gaits that could make him quite competitive in either ridden or driven dressage, combined driving, or pleasure driving.

Alex loves attention and has no problem standing in the cross ties all day long to be groomed and loved on. He has no vices and is 100% sound.

Whether you are looking for your first driving horse, an enjoyable trail riding partner, or a horse with potential to be competitive in the show ring, Alex fits the bill! He is a true gentleman in every aspect!


$17,500 (SALE PENDING)

Meet Bugsy, a dapple grey 7 year old grade 14.1 hand Welsh Cob gelding. Bugsy is broke to ride, drive single, or drive in a pair! He has been hooked with several other horses in a pair, been driven down the road, around town, and even through fast food drive-thrus and none of this phases him.

Bugsy came from a background without much formal training, so learning the concept of lateral movement, collection, and response to riders aids under saddle has been something only introduced to him upon arrival at our barn and training program. He takes everything we throw at him in stride and just rolls with all the new things he sees on a day to day basis.

He has proven himself to be a wonderful pony with kids. We have used him for numerous youth lessons and just recently successfully competed in an open show with an 11 year old girl in youth hunter under saddle and western ranch rail classes. He was an absolute gem at the show while learning so much and taking in the show atmosphere like an old pro. He has also been used in a beginner adult lesson with a new rider with a very unbalanced seat and he took care of the rider well and kept a nice easy jog for them while they learned their balance.

He has proven himself to be a trusty trail mount for several different riders. He doesn't mind leading the pack or just hanging in the back.

Bugsy could easily excel in the world of eventing and with a little more time and training could make a trustworthy mount for a kid to compete with as well. The video shows his second time ever seeing or going over jumps.

This pony is low maintenance and a very easy keeper that keeps himself in great shape. He has no buck, no bolt, no rear, and anything else you could consider intimidating. He is green in terms of not at a schoolmaster level yet in the dressage arena but with time he will definitely be able to pack anyone around in any situation. He has never done anything unsafe with our kids! He can be a little "squirrelly" on the ground if you approach him too quickly but he has never done anything dangerous or scary in any way, shape, or form.

Bugsy truly could go in any direction and excel at it! This safe little powerhouse of a pony has a great work ethic and show quality beautiful movement. He is ready to take the next step in to your barn to continue his training to make a solid lesson or show pony. Or take him home for your reliable trail mount.


$15,000 (SALE PENDING)

Meet Zeus, and absolute one of a kind Friesian/Caspian cross gelding. You don't come across horses this well put together, this quiet, this smart, and in this beautiful buckskin color very often!

Zeus is broke to ride in all types of tack and drive single or in a pair. At 4 years old this horse has already seen it all. We recently took him to his first show for experience and to see the sights and atmosphere of a show and he behaved like a mature been-there-done-that old show pro. We let a young teen show him all weekend in several different western ranch classes. The hussle and bussle of the show did not distract or phase him at all. He rode down the rail quiet and listened to her every cue. Other horses in the class acting up or zooming past him too closely did not bother Zeus!

From what we have experienced Zeus seems to prefer and be most relaxed with female riders. He does best with quiet, soft hands, and works best with someone who has earned his trust. All it takes is a little love and kindness towards this horse and he will give you 100% in everything you ask of him!

He has smooth, comfortable gaits to sit and ride, especially his canter/lope. He is extremely willing and smart under tack (riding or driving). To give you some perspective of this watch the end of our video of him driving cones with a green-driver guiding him through the course for her first time ever driving a cone course. The video also shows his first time ever being ridden in a dressage saddle.

Zeus is an athletic, sporty looking little horse that truly has endless potential and ability. He has the try, talent, and willingness to go on in excel in any direction you choose. Drive or ride him in the practice arena, the show ring, down the trail, in the pasture and hayfield, and even through town!

He is 100% sounds, requires no special maintenance, can be in a stall or turned out, and has no vices.

Zeus is a very special horse and we would love to see him go to a home committed to forming a bonded partnership full of love and trust with him. You don't come across a horse like this everyday and we can't wait to follow his journey with whomever is lucky enough to take him home.