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Meet Stormy, a unique little 11 year old 14 hh Morgan/Welsh cross gelding. Stormy comes from living most of his life with the Amish taking kids to and from school in his pony cart and taking them on riding adventures down the roads and through the neighborhood. Since being in training with us he has been learning about going to work in the arena. Our focus has been on cantering a correct, balanced circle and proper dressage work. He is smart and we are pleased with how well he is coming along in his arena work!

Stormy has a sweet, kind disposition, and is looking for his perfect partner he can trust. He loves being groomed, stands tied anywhere, hauls without a fuss, stands for farrier, and bathes with no issue. While Stormy is such a kind pony, he will prefer someone that has a kind, gentle hand to be his next partner. He is QUIET and BRAVE on the trails. He is the kind that once you gain his trust he will take care of you wherever you point him whether that's over logs, up and down steep hills, or through belly deep water. This pony does not say no! He will do anything you ask! He has seen it all on the trails and has never refused to do what we ask of him!

He has potential to be a dressage pony, a hunter, a combined driving or pleasure driving competitor, or you're next trusty trail companion.

Stormy is 100% sound, healthy, easy keeper, and requires no special maintenance. He can be turned out alone, in a group, or be stalled. He gets along well no matter where you keep him. This cute, little pony is ready for his next partner to enjoy life with... you don't want to miss out on this one!



Meet Reggie, a jet black 16 hh Dutch Harness Horse Gelding. Reggie is a 4 year old going on 10 with his incredibly mature brain and developed personality. Reggie was hooked to a carriage for the first time as a 3 year old and has been driving without any issues ever since. We just started him under saddle and you would never guess that he has only had around a dozen rides on him. This horse has handled varying kinds of riders on the trails and acts like he's done it 1,000 times. We are so impressed with how grounded and calm this horse is for his breed and age!

Reggie is still working to improve on having smooth transitions. However he walks, trots, and canters under saddle and in the carriage the best you could expect out of a horse his age. His canter is a dream to ride, the kind you can sit all day long! The video is his second time ever cantering under saddle.

In terms of riding he is green but he has no buck, bolt, rearm or other non-sense. He has impeccable ground manners. Loads, bathes, stands for farrier, ties anywhere, can be turned out in a group, and does well in a stall too. There are no vices or bad habits for this guy in any way, shape or form and he has the sweetest personality to boot!

If you are looking for a sturdy, well built horse with correct bone structure and a big solid foot then Reggie is your guy. This is the kind of quality horse to take you all the way in dressage, eventing, or international top level combined driving. It's not often you find the correct confirmation, movement, and trainability all in one horse with the willingness and work ethic to take you to the top levels, but Reggie has it ALL! He's the perfect package to be a high level show horse. Absolutely uncomplicated in every way and we would love to see this horse go on and excel in the show ring!



Meet Luna, a beautiful 5 year old 16.3 Hand jet black Dutch mare with flashy chrome to boot. This mare is for sale due to no fault of her own. She was purchased from Helmuth Equine as a foal and been with the same owner since then. The owner simply does not have the time Luna deserves. She is hoping to find her a home where she can excel and be used to her full potential.

Luna is broke both to ride and drive. She competed in her first driving show this summer in a CT division where she earned a score of 49. She has huge potential and talent to do well in the dressage ring as well. However we believe she will excel in any direction you point her! She can sit with time off for months and then be pulled out and either tacked up or hooked and go on just as well as she does when in training.

Luna has fantastic ground manners. Loads easily for hauling, stands tied anywhere, bathes without a fuss, and good for the farrier. She is 100% sane with a good mind. Even though she is a mare you would never guess it except for the rare occasion she lets the barn know she wants to be the queen bee. She does well stalled or turned out.

If you're looking for a tall, strong, big boned type of horse that really takes up your leg then this is the mare for you. She is quiet, safe, and always willing to go to work.

The video link posted here is her first time being ridden after 8 months off work. Whoever takes Luna home will be lucky to have her as their partner.

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